Where will our roads take you


Umatilla is an Indian term that means "rippling water" or "water rippling over sand."  Umatilla county's rich cultural history and diverse landscape offer a unique pallet for those who desire a unique experience. 

Points of Interest


We are proud of our heritage, culture and way of life.  We are connected to the soil through generations. Let us share our story with you.  And with any luck, you’ll have a story of your own written with the memories of your time in Umatilla County. 



 Our local growers whether in the wine industry, craft breweries or our farmers are authentic, approachable artisans who have a deep appreciation for the land and for the people who live here. It is that careful attention to detail and delicate nurturing that yield incredible wines, craft brews and produce.



Umatilla County gives way to the farm to fork movement in genuine style.  Check out our list of "EATS".



Time to sit back and reflect on your days adventures.  We offer everything from corporate and boutique hotels to B&B's



 Outdoor enthusiasts can experience many adventures like hiking parts of the Lewis & Clark and Oregon trails, birding trails, golfing, snow sports, bicycling, motorcycling, fishing, hunting, boating and kayaking. Just to name a few. With the beauty of the Blue Mountains, the rolling hill sides and the majestic Columbia River framing our little slice of heaven, we offer up a sun kissed climate with 300+ days of sunshine and year round recreation, legendary entertainment and attractions.